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Tax Loan - What You Need to Know

Every business in the UK is responsible for paying their taxes. Tax bills, however, can often arrive at inconvenient times. A UK tax loan will help spread tax payments across a convenient monthly schedule. A UK business tax loan can be paid directly to HMRC or a bank account, to ensure you don’t incur any late penalties from HMRC. A UK business may choose to take out a tax loan in the UK if they are unable to pay their tax all at once or they want greater control of their cash flow.

Some of the top benefits of a business tax loan include:

  • Adaptable payment terms
  • Regular, fixed repayments
  • No late HMRC fees or penalties

Some of the potential limitations of taking a business loan to pay taxes include:

  • You must be 18 years or older to apply for commercial tax finance
  • If you do not make the repayments you may fall into debt
  • Failing to make repayments could cause you to incur HMRC late fees and penalties.

Taking a business loan to pay taxes is not tax avoidance. Read advice from the UK government about avoiding tax avoidance loan schemes here.

Taking out a business loan to pay taxes can be quite confusing, to ensure you have as much clarity as possible, we have compiled a handy FAQ guide below.

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To learn more about business loans to pay taxes UK based, do not hesitate to get in touch with UK Business Loan today. We are commercial finance finders you can trust and have already helped many businesses in the UK. Simply complete our 4-step online application form online and start your business tax loan journey.

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Have Tax Loan Questions?

What do I need to secure a tax loan?

You will be required to provide evidence of your full birth name, address, marital status, registered business name, company registration number and company contact information to be considered for a tax loan.

Will I need to disclose the financial status of my business to apply for a tax loan?

The annual revenue of your business, your personal income and how much you are looking to borrow will need to be disclosed when you apply for a tax loan in the UK. This information will only be shared with approved individuals or lenders and your company information will be protected and secured at all times.

Why does a lender need to know the above information?

A lender will need to feel confident they are paying you the right amount, to ensure you can make the necessary repayments and are given an amount of capital that will cover your business. Without a clear understanding of your company, or your repayment plan, a lender will not feel confident and will not issue a tax loan.

Will my credit score affect my eligibility for a tax loan?

A credit score may be examined during your tax loan application. Once the tax loan is secured, however, your credit score will not be affected in any way as the business loan will be under your company name. This means that should you be unable to make your loan repayments; your personal credit score will not be harmed.

Can I apply for a secured tax loan?

If you wish to apply for a secured business tax loan, you will be required to identify and supply an asset that can be used as collateral. Potential collateral includes real estate, stock and property (e.g. car fleet), to secure the loan. If you are unable to provide collateral against a tax loan, unsecured business loan options are available.

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