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Ian Gray

Finance Expert - 30+ Years of Experience in Accounting & Finance


Ian has over 30+ years in the Finance industry, working for large banking entities such as The Royal Bank of Scotland and has been a Financial Officer for various at the Citizens Advice Bureau.


Ian has a passion for Finance and Business and has been on the board at Technology Businesses and given advice as a Non-Executive Board Member.


Combining the passion for Business and Finance has led to the Creation of IRG Capital Finance, which trades as www.UKBusinessLoan.com 

Ian enjoys trying to help people and has made various contributions to Account and Finance PR websites, E-Magazines and Business and Finance forums. 


Ian also works part-time for charity, Citizens Advice Bureau and prides himself on his compassion and ability to try and help people who need it most.

You can connect with Ian Gray on LinkedIn by clicking the link.

Ian Gray In the Press

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SME News

SME News

Ian contributed to an article from SME News about the monitoring and management of business cashflow.


Ian Gray, Director, UKBusinessloan.com, a leading financing institution in the UK, advises, “Create a detailed cash flow forecast that accounts for loan repayments, operating expenses, and revenue projections. Regularly monitor your cash flow to identify any potential gaps or areas where adjustments are needed.” According to him, by staying on top of your finances, you can proactively address any cash flow challenges and ensure that your loan is serving its intended purpose." - 21st of July, 2023

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Ian made a contribution on an article discussing common mistakes made when making a commercial finance application.


“A lack of a solid business plan can raise doubts about your ability to manage the loan funds effectively and repay the borrowed amount. So, take the time to develop a comprehensive business plan that demonstrates your understanding of your industry and your growth strategies.” 

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Concept Marketing Group

Concept Marketing Group

Deciding whether to go for an Unsecured commercial finance offering vs. a secured commercial finance offering can be a difficult decision for any business to make and is mostly subjective based on scenario and circumstances. Ian shared his thoughts at the request of Concept Marketing Group during an interview with Barb Ferrigno from Concept Marketing Group.


"The choice between an unsecured and secured business loan should depend on your business's unique circumstances and financial goals. An unsecured loan might be suitable if you have solid credit, require quick access to funds, and want to avoid collateral risks." He adds, "If you're comfortable leveraging assets to secure favourable interest rates and higher loan amounts, a secured loan could be ideal for you." - 15th of August, 2023

Independent business finance experts covering the North West of England and North Wales. We specialise in unsecured business funding, including VAT and Tax concerns, also offering commercial finance to SME owners. IRG Capital Finance, Royal House, Upper Northgate St, Chester, CH1 4EE . Company Number: 14693947 | ICO Registration Number: CSN9053333 | IRG Capital Finance Ltd. T/As UK Business Loan.